Take Charge. ADD/ADHD doesn’t have to run or ruin your life!

ADHD Coaching & Treatment

You, your loved one, or maybe a co-worker has ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and life is frustrating and chaotic.

You consistently seek ways to access what society considers “normal” functioning and behaviors, only to find them not them not right for you.

Distractibility, procrastination, forgetting things, disorganization and other similar habits are interruptive, disruptive and time consuming daily.

“Does life have to be like this all the time?”

No, it doesn’t.

What you need are functional systems. More importantly, you really need YOUR own system. One that allows you to manage or “win” consistently within the larger “normal” system expected by society.

ADHD Coaching & Treatment

adhd counseling add symptoms adults and children

I’m Linda Taylor. I have developed a solution-based ADHD counseling methodology that can be an answer to your frustration, anger or shame. I can be a catalyst for you to create the processes, practices and tools that are just right for you to bring forth the leader in you – a strong component of what you feel may be missing in your life right now.

Structures, rules, ordinances, protocols, expectations are societal norms. Schools, teams, companies and families need to have them in place for the best learning, workplace performance, safety, communication, etc. for the common good. Yet what works as “standard” for the masses doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. It may not work for you, either.

As a Board Certified ADHD Coach, I work with individuals and family members who don’t fit “standard” and are willing to take hold of their lives in a new way. Don’t let an ADD or ADHD diagnosis dictate how you can live in harmony, accomplish goals, feel empowered, communicate effectively or “stay the course” – whatever that may be for you.

Contact me today about how The Taylor Solution may be right for you.

ADHD Coaching & Treatment, Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
~ Albert Einstein

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